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Futur-E-Scape is a Kentucky and Ohio based Limited Liability Corporation.

Current Facilities
503 McAlpin Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45220



Design, develop, and deploy engaging educational massively multiplayer games that serve as effective adjuncts to traditional teaching methodologies.



Take over education, one bit at a time.



Ricardo J. Rademacher, PhD (100% equity), Founder and CEO CLICK HERE FOR RESUME



In 2004 FES was formed in Ohio order to monetize and manage the idea of MMOGs and education. Partner Robert Smith leaves and is bought out completely.

In 2005 FES’s first e-commercial venture begins, a game asset portal called MYMMOG. This venture was marginally profitable and gave us remote production and management experience.

In 2006 FES was incorporated in Kentucky and MYMMOG production is officially halted. FES offices established in Covington, Kentucky and 3 employees hired to work on the prototype.

In 2007 FES continued to grow through the National Science Foundation and the Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation in terms of seed funding.

In 2008 FES completes our first prototype. Angel Round fundraising begins.

In 2009 FES starts work on a second prototype. Angel Round fundraising continues.


TO DATE, we have been in association with various local universities in Ohio, Kentucky, and Florida, as well as the National Science Foundation in Washington, DC.  We have also successfully completed a Kentucky Innovative Commercial Concept grant.  Combined with the founder’s and other investor funding, FES has seen almost $250k invested towards its start up operations.